# Some patches for software I use...
 * esound-0.2.41-pulseaudio-compat.patch
    this patch establishes Pulsaudio compatibility for EsounD 0.2.41
    - Pulseaudio creates a directory /tmp/.esd-
    - EsounD now also uses that directory
    - Use AUDIODEV environment variable to access as different user

 * openwrt_shairport.patch
    some init- and config scripts to auto-start shairport on OpenWRT
    - combined with openwrt_libao.patch below, allows for EsounD and
      Shairport running on the same device simultaneously - Shairport
      outputting its sound via EsounD
    - IPv4 only patch included
    - (the shairport package is maintained at:
	src-git jlars git://github.com/jlars/packages.git;master)

 * openwrt_libao.patch
    enables EsounD (esd) driver in LibAO for OpenWRT
    - provides a working /etc/libao.conf which redirects audio to a
      locally running EsounD server
    - this version depends on libaudiofile and esound
    - I found that using alsa DMIX for audio stream mixing does not go
      together with EsounD. Making EsounD the audio stream mixer puts
      slightly more load on the device, yet it yields much better
      audible results.

 * openwrt_esound_src.tgz
    EsounD package for OpenWRT
    - works on Attitude Adjustment
    - provides Makefile, init- and config-scripts
    - provides asound.conf for a USB sound card

 * spamassassin_3.3.patch
    tiny change - big difference; somehow SpamAssasin does not recognize
    locally sent mails (sasl_authenticated header set by Postfix) correctly.
    Adding the semicolon check works.
   (see also https://issues.apache.org/SpamAssassin/show_bug.cgi?id=6759)

 * SmartHome-PHP.patch
    Adds code to handle NotificationRequests to 
    (based on latest commit fccde83)
    => All credit goes to https://github.com/Stephan18

 * MBL_4.1.33.tar.bz2
    Kernel 4.1.33 for WD MyBook Live
    - contains the necessary /boot files (uImage, apollo3g.dtb, boot.scr)
    - contains kernel modules under /lib/modules
    - uses 16k page size, original WD data partition will NOT be mountable!!!

 * php5-pam_1.0.3-4_powerpc.deb
    Pre-requisite for OpenMediaVault

 * php5-proctitle_0.1.2-4_powerpc.deb
    Pre-requisite for OpenMediaVault

 * proftpd-mod-vroot_0.9.3-1_powerpc.deb
    Pre-requisite for OpenMediaVault

 * AMI_DBShow.patch
    Asterisk Manager Patch for creating the manager command DBShow
    - this allows for the manager to run with limited privileges
      as opposed to the command privilege, required when using
      the database show command via AMI 
    - tested on Asterisk 11

 * asterisk11-openssl_1.1.patch
    Asterisk 11 does not compile on Debian Jessie
    - this is backported from

 * alexa_remote_control.sh / alexa_remote_control_plain.sh
    Script to remote control Amazon Alexa Echo devices
    (see http://blog.loetzimmer.de/2017/10/amazon-alexa-hort-auf-die-shell-echo.html )
    - alexa_remote_control_plain.sh is pure shell without
      the need for "jq" as a JSON parser
 * freetz_unbound_1.6.7.patch
    freetz Package for unbound-1.6.7
    - don't forget to run chmod after applying patch
       chmod a+x make/unbound/files/root/etc/init.d/rc.unbound
       chmod a+x make/unbound/files/root/etc/default.unbound/unbound_conf
       chmod a+x make/unbound/files/root/usr/lib/cgi-bin/unbound.cgi
    - also consider using freetz_unbound.crontab

 * freetz_openssl_ripemd.patch
    required for Net::SSLeay-1.8x on freetz

 * freetz_curl_ca-bundle.patch
    let curl point to $(FREETZ_OPENSSL_CONFIG_DIR)/cacert.pem for its ca-bundle location
    - A bundle can be obtained by issueing:
	curl -k -o cacert.pem https://curl.haxx.se/ca/cacert.pem

 * freetz_perl-cross.tgz
    scripts for building Perl on freetz